Wisteria Cakung's Phase II Sale Opens!

Date: 2 Apr 2021

Wisteria Cakung's Phase II Sale Opens!

Continuing the success of phase 1 sales, Wisteria housing treads located in Cakung will hold a unit selection on April 3, 2021 for phase 2 consumer units who have previously purchased NUP. This project is the result of a collaboration between Metland and Keppel Land, a well-known developer in Asia from Singapore, so there is no question of quality standards.

What's in Wisteria?

Carrying a modern home design combined with a large green area and easy access, Wisteria is the main choice for young families and property investors. Inside the residential area, shady trees line the right and left of the road, providing shade for the residents. The atmosphere of this area is able to refresh the body and clear the mind after dealing with the hustle and bustle of the capital.

This is what Keppel Land and Metland are trying to provide with a design that is made in such a way as to provide refreshment for the body and also as a place to clear the mind from the hustle and bustle of the capital city.
Various facilities at Wisteria will enable residents to adopt a healthy and happy lifestyle. The linear park which is 260 meters long and 9 meters wide is overgrown with shady trees and equipped with a jogging track for residents who want to exercise or just find fresh air in their spare time.

Want a picnic? Wisteria has a Picnic Lawn that is ready to be a picnic spot with the family on the grass. This place is also equipped with shady trees that will provide a cool atmosphere when with family.

There is also a Clubhouse which is located connected to these 2 facilities. Here you can get other facilities such as swimming pool, gym, barbeque pit, mini market, and multipurpose building.

This residence has many gardens for its residents to use, apart from picnic lawns, linear gardens, there is also an amphitheater, which is a unique terraced garden that is suitable for relaxing in the afternoon.

You don't have to worry about the location and also access to supporting facilities, because Wisteria is near malls, hospitals, and international schools. You can travel easily anywhere because there are various modes of transportation, and it is close to the toll gate.

If you want to own a unit at Wisteria, you don't need to be sad, because Keppel Land and Metland are opening the second phase of Wisteria sales with a home concept that has implemented a smart home system. The housing units are equipped with an electronic lock system so that electronic equipment such as air conditioning, TV, lights can also be operated using a smartphone.

In addition to the smart home system, you can also access CCTV through your smartphone, which will certainly provide a sense of security for the residents.

There are three choices of house types in Wisteria, the first is the Type A Unit which has a land area of ​​7x12 meters. Type B is available in a choice of land area 7x15 meters. Type C which comes with a land area of ​​9x16 meters.

Uniquely, every type of house in Wisteria is equipped with an attic room for free. Attic is something new and will become a trend in the future. This Attic room can be used as a study / work room or even a room.

So book the unit now and get ready to choose the Wisteria house unit on April 3 and 4!

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