Wisteria Best Property Choice with Unique Concept in Cakung

Date: 18 Oct 2019

Wisteria Best Property Choice with Unique Concept in Cakung

Keppel Land Limited (Keppel Land) and PT Metropolitan Land Tbk. (Metland) announced the launch of the first phase of the Wisteria housing, in Cakung, East Jakarta. This housing has 381 housing units with 141 units to be available for sale. This project is strategically located on a seven-hectare plot of land close to various commercial facilities such as AEON Cakung, IKEA, as well as well-known schools and hospitals.

"The launch of Wisteria is in line with the government's focus on improving infrastructure and connectivity in East Jakarta, such as the construction of elevated toll roads and MRT lines. Through high quality standards, we are optimistic that Wisteria will receive high demand from both prospective residents and investors. continue to enhance our alliance with Metland to expand our presence in Indonesia," said Keppel Land Indonesia President, Goh York Lin, in a statement.

Furthermore, Director of PT Metropolitan Land Tbk, Nitik Hening said that the project will be a quality housing with a unique concept and much in demand by consumers.

"This project will be a quality housing with a unique concept and premium construction. This is made possible thanks to our more than two decades of experience as a leading real estate leader in Indonesia. The expertise of our partner, Keppel Land, is Asia's leading housing developer. Following the success of our inaugural collaboration, The Riviera at Puri in Tangerang, Jabodetabek. We believe that we can achieve the same results on this project. Going forward we will continue to leverage our strong and synergistic partnership with Keppel Land to advance our position in Indonesia's real estate sector." added Nitik.

Later, there will be three types of houses with prices starting at Rp. 1.5 billion. This residence is ideal for young couples and families looking for their first home, as well as those who already own a home, but want to upgrade to a better home with a more strategic location.

In addition, this cluster has the unique facilities of each unit such as a multipurpose loft which can be easily reconfigured for various uses, thereby enhancing the functionality of the home. Homeowners can also enjoy various facilities. Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a luxurious clubhouse equipped with a gym, swimming pool, while other families can enjoy a large picnic yard, there is also a children's playground, a function room, and a unique 260-meter garden.

The residence is also equipped with a digital lock system, CCTV cameras and an emergency alarm system that is directly connected to the security post, which is guarded round the clock. Interested in the offer? You can make a NUP (Order Number, or priority order) Pickup for the first phase, which will start on October 17, 2019. The initial price applies to buyers who register for these units during the NUP collection period.

To get more information you can call 081283226362.

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